Geodeticca - History


History of our company dates back to summer of 2003. We started from scratch – everything was for the first time - first total station, first car, first employee, first important contract ...

Beginning was really hard but we handled it. Life started to spin its wheels and things got moving. Our small flame which we kept alive by tooth and nail finally blazed out. New customers as well as employees started pouring in while old ones kept staying. Tasks started to be more complex. From mapping all through setting-out, building of setting-out networks for industrial parks, bridges and tunnels up to taking responsibility for professional and managerial affairs concerning biggest infrastructure project in Slovakia at the present. It is construction of highway close to Nitra (R1). We started to provide services of Cadastre of real estates which are essential to every construction work.

But that is not all. Geodeticca was founded with huge desire in our hearts – this was 3D laser scanning. It took 6 years before our dreams came true. It was in 2009 when we received with support of NADSME (National Agency for Development of Small and Medium Enterprises in the Slovak Republic) one of the most modern todays scanners Leica ScanStation C10 along with cutting edge software and hardware. We took the time to test the scanner carefully looking for the most efficient methods of scanning and processing of measured data because volume of gained data is enormous and customer’s needs differ. The time was worth spending and at present we can meet our customers’ needs better than ever before.

The biggest leap in technological development of the company represents buying of complex photogrammetric system. The core of the system is a digital photogrammetric camera Vexcel UltraCamLp. Part of the system is a navigation and control system by Applanix and Somag gyrostabilization mount. This system is placed in our TECNAM MMA aircraft.

This is where we are at the present time and were history ends.

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