Geodeticca - Principles


Successful history of the company on the market confirmed that the principles that we trust are fundamental in crating of long-term successful relationships. It does not matter those relationships are within the company (towards employees and among them) or relationships company – customer, customer – company. They are as follows: 

1.Principle of trustworthiness

The first and the most important principle. Trust grows from trustworthiness and no human relationships and processes can properly work without these.

2. Principle of synergy and efficiency

This principle emphasise effectiveness and interoperation of applied methods and solutions to be effective and synergic (final outcome is larger than sum of its individual parts).

3. Principle of equilibrium

To act in such way and to conclude such contracts that satisfy both parties (win-win principle) in all relationships.

4. Principle of sustainable development and growth

This principle lies in:

  • Sustaining and assessment of existing sources
  • Their effective use
  • Source widening
  • Development and application of innovations
  • Constant improvement of efficiency
  • Cost reduction