Geodeticca - Project 2

Project 2 - ITMS: 25110120097

Project name: Support of enterpreneurship by purchasing of highly innovative technology and creating of vacancies
Provider: Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic
Managing authority: Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency (Sociálna inovačná a energetická agentúra)
ITMS code: 25110120097
Call code: DOP-2008-SIP-001
State: completed

This project is being realized thanks to support from European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) under Operational programme Competitiveness and economic growth.


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Basic information about the project:

Recipient: GEODETICCA VISION, s.r.o., Floriánska 19, 040 01 Košice
Place of project realization: Košice, okres Košice, Košický samosprávny kraj
Project duration: August 2009 – April 2011
Amount of irreclaimable financial grant from ERDF:  72.162,97 EUR
Project goals: Purchasing of new technology to implement a new service into practice, increasing of competitiveness
Main project activities: Purchasing of innovative technology – 3D laser scanner
Focus groups: industry, construction, architecture, projecting, archaeology, mining and other enterprises.
Cooperation and partnerships within the project: no applicable
Outcomes of realized project:
Innovative technology including software needed for the use with 3D laser scanner was bought within the project „Support of entrepreneurship by purchasing of highly innovative technology and creating of vacancies“.

 For photo documentation of realization of the project activities and outcome of the project of 3D laser scanner see below

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