Geodeticca - Project 4

Project 4 - ITMS: 25110320065 

Project name: A.M.O.N.
Provider: Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic
Intermediate body under managing authority (SORO): Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency (SIEA)
ITMS code: 25110320065
Call code: KaHR-13SP-1001
State: in realization

This project is being realized thanks to support from European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) under Operational programme Competitiveness and Economic Growth.

"Investment into your future"          

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Basic information about the project:

Recipient: GEODETICCA VISION, s.r.o., Floriánska 19, 040 01 Košice
Place of project realization: Košice, Košice district, Košice municipality
Project duration: January 2013 – December 2015
Amount of irreclaimable financial grant from ERDF: 89 164,80 EUR
Project Goals:  to create affordable automated system aimed at on-line monitoring of geometric and physical parameters of construction and natural objects.
Main project activities:
Purchasing of technologies, Research activities: preparation stage, system development and testing, system rectifying/debugging.
Focus groups:
Companies operating in the field of industry, construction,  architecture, projection, archaeology, extraction of minerals, property protection, life and health protection, state property protection, administration of water flows etc.
Cooperation and partnerships within the project:
no applicable
Outcomes of realized project:
Expected outcomes of A.M.O.N. project in national and worldwide scale include: increase of company’s market competitiveness and automation of processes of measurement and processing of objects’ deformations in real time.
Direct contribution for society will be as follows:

  • life, property and health protection
  • protection of property of entrepreneurs and state
  • prevention of natural disasters (floods, caving, landslides)
  • support of innovations in designing of construction objects
  • support of research of correlation between monitored object and physical environment

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