Geodeticca - Engineering Surveying

Engineering Surveying

If you carry out a construction of any kind and extent or in case you need to check geometric parameters of your objects and devices you will use products of Department of Engineering Surveying.

Setting-out networks

We construct setting-out networks with required accuracy for all kinds of construction works (design and stabilisation, determination, processing and analysis of accuracy)

Thematic mapping

Elaboration of thematic maps for needs of pre-project documentation, thematic large-scale maps such as technical city maps, base maps of plants, airports, highways etc. We locate and confirm position of utility lines to project documentation.

Checking of geometric parameters

By checking measurements of geometric parameters of construction objects, large engineering and industrial technologies we state their directness, parallelism, planarity, perpendicularity, verticality, constant inclination etc.

Shifts and deformations

By checking measurements we participate in strength tests where we determine overall spatial shifts and deformations of load-bearing constructions, subsidence and leaning of objects. We determine shifts of construction objects as result of mining activity, excavation works etc.

As-built documentation

We elaborate as-built documentation for final inspection of construction as one of the most important documents of construction realisation. Parts of documentation for linear construction are longitudal and transverse profiles of engineering networks and digital files elaborated according to requirements of utility lines administrators and their information systems.

Setting-out works

We provide complex setting-out works with required accuracy consisting mainly from:

  • Setting-out of a spatial position of an object
  • Detailed setting-out of an object

Picture gallery

  • Highway D1 Svinia – Prešov West
  • Highway D1 Fričovce – Prešov West
  • Highway D1 Mengusovce - Jánovce