Geodeticca - Graphics


Department of Graphics will provide you with complex services in the fields of 3D visualisation, 3D animation, web 3D, visualisation of interiors, 3D country visualisations, virtual reality and stereoscopic 3D visualisations. All these will be tailored to your specific needs.

3D Visualisations

  • We create photo realistic 3D models
  • We place 3D models to real environment – images
  • We visualize alternative solutions of the project

3D Animations

  • We create professional 3D animations including creation of philosophy of the project, script tailored to customer’s requirements
  • We use technique „matchmoving“ – realistic connection of video with static or dynamic 3D model
  • We create 3D stereoscopic animations with spatial impression by peripheral devices (3D glasses, 3D projectors or 3D monitors)
  • Technology of aerial photogrammetry and laser scanning is used for 3D animation 

Virtual reality

Almost anything is possible in a virtual world. Move across centuries and watch historical development of a city or learn how to correctly react in a critical situation. Whether it is for entertainment, education or training purposes we will create an application tailored to your requirements.

Picture gallery

  •  Visualisation of the PARK
  • Evangelical church in Rimavská Baňa
  • Visualisations of highways and expressways
  • Virtual reality in life

Video gallery