Geodeticca - Laser Scanning

Laser Scanning

Thanks to a state of art laser scanner Leica ScanStation C10 we obtain precise spatial data about objects in a digital form. Among the largest advantages of laser scanning belongs fast and contactless measuring with almost no restriction of operation.

Point cloud

  • Output of scanning is set of points in which every point is represented by its spatial position and other attributes such as colour or intensity of reflection. The points create a raster with maximum resolution of 1mm x 1mm. A point cloud is the most often used output for creation of sections and views, and 3D models in CAD programs.
  • Based on a point cloud we provide other outputs such as:
    • 3D models of objects in required form and with optional level of detail
    • Digital terrain model


Laser scanning is used for:

  • Digitizing of cultural heritage
  • Documentation of real state of buildings
  • Checking of geometric conditions and parameters of objects
  • Classification of deformations of objects
  • Modelling of pipe systems and frames
  • Calculation of volumes and cubature 

Picture gallery

  •  Outputs of laser scanning
  • Fiľakovo castle