Geodeticca - Photogrammetry

Aerial Photogrammetry

Thanks to the state of art photogrammetric camera Vexcel UltraCampLp, the intertial system Applantix and the aircraft Tecnam MMA we collect image and spatial data about an area. Among the largest advantages of using of aerial photogrammetry are speed, contactless measuring and complexity of outputs.

Digital surface model (DSM) 

We create a point cloud from aerial images. Digital surface model in format of regular quadrangular network (GRID) or triangular irregular network (TIN) is created from a point cloud. From DSM we semi-automatically create 3D models of buildings, roads etc. These models enter our geoinformation systems or applications for analysis of noise and signal spreading, analysis of visibility and others.

Digital terrain model (DTM) 

The most often we create digital terrain model from generated DSM by method of classification of objects (construction, coppice …) and by their removal from DSM. DTM is used in calculation of mounds and excavations of earthworks by comparison of two digital terrain models.


We provide orthophoto images as basic data layer for the following:

  • geoinformation systems, map portals, web and mobile applications
  • crisis management, assets management, land use planning
  • analysis of changes among different time periods and others.
  • The most frequently used resolution of orthophotomaps which we provide ranges from 5 to 25 cm per pixel

Picture gallery

  • Orthophoto image
  • Aircraft Tecnam MMA
  • Orthophoto image -> DTM -> Point Cloud
  • Colour model -> TIN -> GRID -> Contour lines

Video gallery